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posted on: 5.8.2014

Since then, my style has changed and, though I avoid anything monogrammed, I have continued to collect Louis Vuitton Outlet bags when my budget allowed, especially when designer Marc Jacobs teamed up with fabulous artists to come up with whimsical creations. Some of my favorites include the multicolored bags he created with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, or more recently, his playful, polka-dotted collaboration with artist Yakoi Kusama.

Like any assignment you have to do your research, and creating content and editorials for my blog is no different. To truly understand a subject or brand you need to invest the time into really learning about its personality and heritage, then interpret it in your own way to make it your own to ideally align two brands to create something that will resonate with your audience. This is something I do for all of my creative collaborations and one I found extremely interesting when working with Louis Vuitton, a brand that dates all the way back to 1854 and one I had already started learning more about when we went to Shanghai together last year.

I always love working with Zanita and this has to be my favorite shoot we've ever done together. I can't help but feel we've been working towards projects like this since we started shooting together those few years ago. But from the back streets of Sydney to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, it doesn't matter where we are or what we're shooting we always manage to make the most of Louis Vuitton Outlet Store every second and take the time to appreciate just how much we love our work and more importantly, working together. I'll never take that for granted, nor this wonderful opportunity with Louis Vuitton that is a memory I will keep and cherish forever.

When I was a young fashion assistant with next-to-no income, I recall being flabbergasted when I overheard a colleague describing her newly purchased Louis Vuitton Speedy bag.

2013 is the "Louis Vuitton Cup" Regatta 30th anniversary, so the creative director at the helm KimJones first three series of the Louis Vuitton Outlet Online, the "sea" There is no doubt become a theme this season. Louis Vuitton two brands totem - travel and luxury, and the combination of hot wind movement, so Louis Vuitton 2013 spring and summer men's series, both for the LV explorers go scuba diving offers, driving a speedboat dress, but also allows them to wear a tuxedo to an elegant moonlight dinner.

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posted on: 6.26.2013

Pardon the quiet 'round these blogging parts... we're out making memories, you know?  Big beautiful summer full of sunshine memories, days and nights bursting at the seams sort of memories, long overdue family reunion memories.  

And you know, all the while I hear that deepest part of me, that little bit that sometimes steps back and sees things with a lofty sort of clarity, sighing, more please.  My goodness gracious, more.

More freckles to count on sun kissed noses.  More cousins cuddling on sleeper sofas.  More Grandmas and Grandpas holding chubby little three year old hands with purpose as we hurriedly cross the umpteenth Maui street.  More cooking up of family meals.  More out loud prayers spoken over bowed heads and flour dusted hands.  

More please.  If you will.  More.

I'm sure we'll be making our way on that bumpy road back to reality soon enough.  'Til then... loads of photos from our rambling way along the long road to Hana and all our aloha for a summer filled with more of those things that make life sweet.

Be well.

Live Sweet,


posted on: 6.18.2013

You know those map of the stars' homes tours that are all the rage in those places where stars go to live all neighbor like behind rod iron gates and surveillance cameras and such?  I'm pretty sure you'll never find me on one.  I'm just not that person.  You know?  

I think it has something to do with my being so incredibly private.  I mean really I am.  Likely it's the live and let live in me that can't quite wrap my mind around the complicated formula that determines celebrity and how that equals a sort of all access pass to their lives.  Probably it's mostly due to my being all kinds of lazy.  Seriously.  Lazy.  I mean just the thought of the energy it would take to track one down, like a good stalker should, well, it's all so very exhausting.  

So no one was more surprised than me when on a mid Father's Day afternoon I found myself, boys in tow, driving down a winding country road in search of Oprah's Kula home.  Something about the stillness up there, the low rock walls, the horses out to pasture... something about it all made it seem more like a drive to a friend's house for coffee, you know?  And I just kept thinking, in my newly ordained stalker mind, that Oprah would be out on the lanai with a wide brim hat tending her plants and she'd see us approaching and would be all "my goodness what a perfectly lovely family" and of course she'd have us in for a bit and would wonder out loud where we'd been all her life, as, of course we'd hit it off like the new besties we so obviously are.  Obviously.  Said every stalker.  Ever.

Turns out I have real potential here guys.  Who knew.  

And so I give you Oprah's house and her horses and her view and pretty much a perfectly good day for stalking in upcountry Maui.  

Big ups to my accomplices on this covert mission:  Charlie, who really wanted to go for a long slow drive up country and who also really had no desire to set out in search of Oprah's house, but did it anyway, on Father's Day.  I mean you, YOU are so the best.  Ty who was all "Oprah who?" "whose house are we looking for?" "why?", like every thirty seconds.  Thanks for keeping it real man, you know, in case mommy started having any serious delusions of Oprah being a longtime friend or anything.  And little Seanzy who was so liquored up on syrupy shave ice from this place here, that he was cool with anything man.  So cool.

Be well.
Live Sweet,


posted on: 6.06.2013

Summer starts on Maui with the opening of the outrigger canoe regatta season.  Or at least it did for us.  Is there anything quite like the almost silent sound of paddles cutting into the water when a steersman shouts "Imua" and suddenly six individuals pull forward, as one?  It's breathtaking and thrilling and it's a chicken skin sort of connection to the Polynesian voyagers who have gone before.  Also, it's our state team sport and a sort of all access pass to some of the best beaches.  So, yeah, there is that.  

This past weekend we slathered on the sunblock and prepared ourselves to wear salt spray like this season's finest cologne.  Is there any sweeter summer smell than the sea itself?  Really?  Okay maybe BBQ.  Maybe. 

Our Tyty is paddling his first season this year.  Although he's  technically too young to race in any of the line ups that count, points wise, we couldn't be more proud of his new found love for the sport.  And my goodness the friendships that are forged during a summer spent paddling in Hawaii; when you go out together to meet the sea. 

We'll be wearing out our slippers on the sands across Maui this summer.  And I suspect, when it's all said and done, that Maui salt spray will be permanently affixed to our souls, a thing we'll carry with us for a good long while.  You know?

Save you a spot on the sand?

Be well.
Live Sweet,

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